If you’re looking to get the best golf swing trainer for your golf game… I’m going to show you a few tips on how to select your golf trainer… Or even the method that you choose to fix your golf swing in general.

There are a couple popular ways people use to fix their swings… I don’t know if we can really call any of them the “best” trainers, but there are a lot that are extremely popular.

If you think about getting trained in the sport of golf, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a physical human being training you on the golf course.  While this was once the most popular and sought after ways of training and learning golf, it’s quickly become a memory with new efficient products like DVD’s and club-attached swing trainers.

Golf Swing Training DVDs are really popular right now because they allow you to watch them over and over again.  They also incorporate footage of great golfers such as Tiger Woods, and how they keep their swing tempo and all of the other technical aspects in line.  Being able to compare yourself against professionals in slow motion is always a great thing too…  The only draw back for DVDs is that they are very disconnected with you when you’re out on the grass.  I mean, unless you’re going to lug your DVDs out there and watch them… You can’t really have the information at your beck and call while you’re trying to actively correct your golf swings out on the field.

The best bet I would have to say is the physical golf trainers.  They’re the best golf swing trainers because they attach to your clubs and show you exactly what you’re doing wrong with your swing.

95% of the people who’ve used physical golf trainers have improved their golf scores drastically

The Medicus Trainer is the best swing trainer that’s on the market today. Used by over a million people you can use it whenever you want.. Discreetly.. And fix your swing the way the pros do it!

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