It all started many years ago… when he was on Boy Meets World. Even though he wore that brown suede jacket, you were undeniably attracted to him.

And then, like a wheel of cheese, he matured. And the feelings became stronger.

He’s not Brad Pitt or George Clooney, but there is something there. Something very strong that pulls you to him.

Getty / Gareth Cattermole

Maybe it’s his incredible ability to wear his hair gelled back like this.

Getty / Larry Busacca

Or wear it like this, with lots of volume…

Getty / Gareth Cattermole

Or even like THIS, the relaxed look. Because he doesn’t really need to try.

Getty / David Livingston

Maybe it’s because he looks so perfectly innocent and adorable, but the scruff screams “I’M A MAN.”

Getty / Michael Buckner

And this scruff screams “I’M A MAN” even louder.

Look at how chivalrous he is, helping his wife out of the car.

Fameflynet Pictures

And wow, he really looks great in plaid.

Very VERY good in plaid.

Getty / Larry Busacca

Have I mentioned his hair? Because it really is something out of fantasy hair land.

By the way — he is Mayor of Hair Land. (Mayor is the highest position there; everything is backward.)

He even looks great as a blonde.


Have you seen this glimmer of his chest?

Or him in skinny grey pants?

I KNOW, IT’S A LOT TO TAKE IN. But let’s keep going…

He’s a very well-rounded actor. He is perfect at playing assholes.

Mustached men from the past:

And the adorable and loving boyfriends who you want to marry and the spend the rest of your life with.

Even Paul Rudd wants to get as close to his face as possible.

And it’s obvious how much Nick Offerman loves him.

Just look how wonderful he looks on a sport field!

Mark Sullivan / WireImage / Via

So maybe things were awkward once.

And yeah, if he grew out his hair he could resemble Anna Kendrick. / Via

But there’s so much to love about him! He’s more than just an actor — he’s a dancer and a poet!

And he looks flawless in a green onesie.

And finally, you love him because LOOK AT THAT FACE. IT’S TOO MUCH.

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