1. Golfer Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) and tennis player Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark)

Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

There’s been speculation about whether their respective performances have worsened since they started dating.

2. German swimmers Britta Steffen and Paul Biedermann

Clive Rose / Getty Images

Fun fact: They both hold world records — Steffen for women’s 50m and 100m freestyle and Biedermann for both the short and long courses of men’s 200m and 400m freestyle.

3. Shooters Katerina Emmons (Czech Republic) and Matthew Emmons (USA)

Rebecca Blackwell / AP

The couple married in 2007 after meeting at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Matthew had just finished eighth after firing at the wrong target.

4. French swimmers Alain Bernard and Coralie Balmy

MARTIN BUREAU / Getty Images

The two met in 2008 at the Beijing games. He’s known in French tabloids as a “sportsman with a soft heart.”

5. Shooters Melissa Mikec (El Salvador) and Damir Mikec (Serbia)

Rebecca Blackwell / AP

Melissa (far left) told an El Salvador blog that it takes just “one look” from Damir to calm her down and help her recover from a bad shot. The couple met while training in 2005 at Fort Benning in Georgia, home of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit.

6. Swimmers Jessica Hardy (USA) and Dominik Meichtry (Switzerland)


She just won bronze in women’s 4×100m freestyle. And they’re engaged!

7. Australian swimmers Chris Wright and Melanie Schlanger

Stu Forster / Getty Images

They’re one of FOUR Australian swimmer couples!

8. Italian swimmers Federica Pellegrini and Filippo Magnini

DAVID GRAY / Reuters

Why so shy, Federica and Filippo? It’s not like you haven’t already posed nude in Italian Vanity Fair together.

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