You want to get better at golf, but you don’t how to do? There are a few key aspects which you must take care of. First and foremost you are going to need to substantially improve your short game and putting as well as need to start hitting better golf shots. In this article, I will provide you 3 tips that are very useful for you to start hitting the best golf shots of your life.

1. First you must start with the setup position. Most people neglect this and want to jump right into swing mechanics, but good swing mechanics is impossible with a poor address position. You need to have good posture and bend from the hips while keeping your back straight. This will help you turn around your center which is a key to hitting solid golf shots. In addition to this you need to make sure that your shoulders are square to the target line in order to keep from slicing the ball.

2. With the back swing your key thought should be tempo. Rushing the back swing is an easy way to screw up your swing and keep you from your goal, which is to get better at golf. Make sure that you take the club away low and slow, as this will promote wide extension and good mechanical positions throughout the golf swing.

3. The next phase is the transition and release. To start your downswing you need to gently turn your hips to the left, which in turn will let the club fall down on the proper path. At this point you are going to simply turn your whole body through the ball in one piece, which will create powerful and accurate golf shots.

If you follow these three swing keys I promise that you will get better at golf soon, and thus have more fun!

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